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  1. Hi last week I purchased a TZ70 from you. Great travel camera. At the time I bemoaned the fact that they no longer were putting gps in these cameras. Just to let you know the Panasonic Image App has a gps logger in it that can geotag all your photos if you have it logging in the background. You can also back up to the cloud but this takes some account setup. The same app can copy images to you phone so you can upload manually to other locations or use them in social networking. This is great when travelling and I am very pleased. I also find the controls of the camera easier to use than the Sony hx30v I had that died on me.

    Thanks guys

    • The TZ70 is a great all rounder. We will have a look at geotagging through the app, but are delighted you are enjoying it, and thank you for your comments and feed back
      All the best


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