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  • Metz 26 AF-2


    Petite in size, yet potent in output, the Metz 26 AF-1 Flashgun is the perfect partner for compact system cameras and small DSLRs whose integral flash might not pack the punch you need to produce perfect low-light images. Weighing in at only 115g and measuring only 63 x 85 x 85mm, the mecablitz 26 AF-1 slips easily into purse, pocket or pouch, yet will transform your after-dark performance with its flash Guide Number of 26 (ISO 100 @85mm) and a 30 lux LED modelling and video light

  • Metz 36 AF-5


    The Metz 36 AF-5 is the newest generation of the popular 36-series digital compact system flash. Designed with the modern DSLR in mind the 36 AF-5 for Canon includes E-TTL metering, manual zoom coverage from 28-85mm, with a built in wide angle diffuser to provide coverage down to 18mm (35mm format) easy to follow LED readouts and a 90 degree bounce head. Powered by four AA batteries the unit is capable of up to 450 flashes at full power.

  • Metz 44 AF-2


    With powerful output, straightforward controls and an array of functions, the Metz 44 AF-2 digital flashgun is a versatile flashgun that’s perfect for Fujfilm cameras. A motorised zoom provides wide coverage extending down to 12mm with the wide-angle diffuser, while the integrated high-performance LED is ideal for video lighting. The Metz 44 AF-2 offers first and second curtain sync and High Speed Synchronisation, as well as integrated autofocus flash metering and a flip-out reflector card.

  • Metz 52 AF-1


    The Metz 52 AF-1 Digital Flashgun features all the benefits of the previous model (Mecablitz 50 AF-1) and includes further developments. The sophisticated design of the 52 AF-1 offers an increased guide number of 52 (ISO 100/21° at 105mm focal length) and an illuminated touchscreen display which rotates through 90°. This is particularly practical for operation and taking portrait shots. The 52 AF-1 supports the major special functions on digital cameras from Canon (E-TTL and E-TTL II), Nikon (i-TTL and i-TTL-BL flash mode), Olympus/Panasonic/Leica (four thirds TTL mode), Pentax (P-TTL) and Sony (DSLR-ADI). It allows precise light output tailored to each individual subject and provides plenty of power for all shooting conditions. Possibilities are opened up for individualised lighting thanks to a fully swivelling reflector system which also contains a flip-out reflector card and a diffuser. As well as the newly integrated master function, a slave function and servo function are also available

  • Metz 64 AF-1


    With a Guide Number of 64 at ISO 100/21°, this is simply one of the most powerful hotshoe-mounted flashguns on the market. The 64 AF-1 is a real workhorse and bound to be a hit with professional photographers: It’s packed with features and built to last. The design features a rotating colour display which is a cinch to operate, a modelling lamp for finding your shot in particularly dull conditions or at night-time events, plenty of swivel and tilt for bounce work and a motorised zoom for 24-200mm illumination.

  • Metz M400


    Compact and powerful, the Metz M400 Flashgun represents a new generation of compact flash systems especially designed for compact system cameras. Designed for photographers and videographers, the M400 features a maximum guide number of 40 (ISO 100), Auto TTL mode, an adjustable LED video light, an integrated OLED display, a motorised zoom function (24-105mm), a fully pivoting head with removable reflector card and an integrated wide-angle diffuser (for 12mm angle of view).

Showing all 6 results