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  • Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash


    Designed for the PEN range, the portable Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash is an easy-to-use, lightweight yet powerful flash unit that can be used on or off the camera using the clever remote control (RC) wireless functionality. As well as having no annoying cables for convenience, it also features a bounce head for indirect flash set-ups and regulated lighting close to distance objects. The Fl-300R offers an integrated wide panel to cover the field up to a Micro Four Thirds lens with a focal length of 9mm and has a guide number of 28 at ISO 200 which can be controlled directly from the camera LCD

  • Olympus FL-600R Wireless Flash


    The Olympus FL-600R Wireless Flash is the first Olympus Flash system ever to feature a built-in LED. The LED is designed to provide you with additional illumination to help you capture the shot you want as well as provide visibility when shooting in dark conditions. The FL-600R also includes a wireless functionality, enabling up to four channels and groups at long range in Commander Mode. For a softer, more diffused light, this versatile flashgun can be adjusted to a bounce angle of up to 90 degrees and side-to-side rotation up to 180 degrees. The user-friendly design includes an integrated control dial and arrow keys for simple menu operation.

  • Olympus FL-900R Flash


    With a dust, splash, and freeze-proof construction to match the weatherproofing of Olympus OM-D cameras, the Olympus FL-900R Flashgun is a high-intensity flash with a maximum guide number of 57. Perfect for lenses with a focal length of 12mm or higher, it is equipped with a wireless mode that enables multi-flash photography with up to 4 flash groups. Furthermore, it has an LED light for movies.

Showing all 3 results