Pentax Flash

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  • Pentax AF 201 FG


    The Pentax AF201 FG flashgun is a lightweight, compact flashgun that weighs just 141g and is ideal for smaller bodies. It has a dust-proof, wear-resistant design with 18 seals applied in crucial parts of body, making it perfect for outdoor shooting in harsh conditions. With a guide number of 20 at ISO 100/m, it has a flash range of 0.7m-8.0m, and has a built-in wide-angle panel that slides out to cover angle of view of ultra-wide lenses, and flash head can be adjusted vertically to 10 different angles for bounce flash operation. Pentax AF201 FG flashgun is designed for use with Pentax lens-interchangeable digital cameras.

  • Pentax AF 540 FGZ II


    The Pentax AF 540 FGZ II Flashgun is an auto flash unit for Pentax DSLR cameras. This portable flash unit features a guide number of 54 (at ISO 100/m) and a wear-resistant construction. On front of AF 540 flashgun is a fixed LED light, which comes in handy for close-distance movie recording and still-image shooting. user can customise flash operation by pre-setting as many as nine different flash functions to ir preference, including on/off of catch-light function using LED light and option of flash discharge mode in still-image shooting. flash head can be adjusted to angles of -10 to 90 degrees vertically and up to 180 degrees horizontally for creative bounce flash. When coupled with a WR (wear-resistant) body and lens, this combination offers a versatile digital imaging system that assures solid performance even in harsh outdoor environments.

Showing all 2 results