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  • Kenro Bi-Colour Compact LED Light

    Kenro Bi-Colour Compact LED Light


    The Kenro Bi-Colour Compact LED Light is a lightweight, versatile and highly portable LED light panel , and is designed for photographers and film makers on the go.

    It is approximately the same size as an average smartphone.  Powered by an integrated lithium battery, and features 126 high output LEDs for top quality, uniform, soft lighting wherever you are.

    It is suitable for all kinds of photo and video projects, including live streaming, video shooting, interviews, portraits, weddings, macro photography and more. Whether you’re using a DSLR camera, smartphone, action cam or camcorder, this pocket-sized panel is bright enough to be used as a key light, a fill light, or to provide highlights wherever they’re needed.

  • Kenro RGB Compact LED Light

    Kenro RGB Compact LED Light


    The Kenro RGB Compact LED Light is a high performance LED light panel that comes packed with features to enhance any project.

    Designed for photographers and film makers on the go, it boasts high quality, accurate light with precise control, multiple mounting options, an integrated battery, and nine pre-programmed special effects.

    The 4040mAh battery has a 10W output, lasts around 1.6 hours on a full charge, and is charged via a standard USB-C charging port. A battery life indicator on the LED display panel on the back of the unit provides essential information to make sure you never run out of power unexpectedly. At just 200g, The Kenro RGB Compact LED Light weighs about the same as an average smartphone, and measures 149mm wide, 80mm high and 14mm deep – perfectly pocket-sized for professional lighting wherever you are.

  • NanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad22 – Rechargeable Kit


    Including Sony NP-F550 type battery and charger with UK plug adapter

    Featuring 112 high efficiency LEDs, the LED Pad Light Luxpad22 from Nanguang is a slim, lightweight LED panel suitable for videographers and photographers alike. Adjustable from 3200-5600K (tungsten-daylight) colour temperature, the panel has a cold shoe mount so that it can be easily fitted to a DSLR or HD camcorder, and a built-in diffuser to spread and soften the light. The Nanguang LED Pad Light Luxpad22 weighs just 300g and can be powered by multiple different battery options, making it portable and easy to transport.

Showing all 3 results