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Compact Flash


  • SanDisk Extreme 32GB120MB/s Compact Flash Card

    Line Extreme Product Division Photo & Video
    Quick Overview
    • Removable storage medium that allows data to be written and erased as many times as is required
    • Especially recommendable for high-end digital cameras
    • Suitable for terminal devices with a CompactFlash type I & II slot
    • Designed to perform from -25°C to +85°C
    • Supports UDMA 7 mode (downward compatible)
    • Supports VPG-20 specification for video recording in full HD
    • Water-repellent housing, backed by shock and vibration tests
    • Genuine SanDisk branded item, OEM quality
  • SanDisk Ultra 16GB 50MB/Sec Compact Flash Card

    Free shipping using "freeship" Voucher Code
    Quick Overview

    Free shipping using “freeship” Voucher Code

    The SanDisk Ultra 16GB 50MB/Sec Compact Flash Card delivers the speed, capacity, and reliability you need to get the most out of your camera. The card offers fast transfer speeds of up to 50MB/sec and 16GB of storage space for your photos, HD videos and other documents