Swarovski Bino Acc.

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  • Swarovski Bino Guard EL


    The Swarovski Bino Guard EL provides optimum rain, dust and dirt protection for lenses from the EL range of binoculars.The user can fold back the guard in a single, swift, silent movement and is immediately ready to observe. It is just as quick and easy to replace the Bino Guard EL over the lenses with just one hand. This ensures that no time is wasted in preparing the binoculars for use at the crucial moment. The product is made from robust, weather resistant neoprene and therefore has a long service life. The transparent compartment in the protective flap provides space for a cleaning cloth.

  • Swarovski BSP Bino Suspender Pro


    Keeping your binoculars comfortably close at hand: the bino suspender takes the strain off the neck area by evenly distributing weight across the upper body.

    Innovative accessories that are perfectly tailored to these binoculars enhance the functionality of your equipment. Apart from being user-friendly, harmonious design also plays a key role. Our accessories offer you all kinds of useful add-ons, allowing you to tailor your SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars to your personal needs.

  • Swarovski CCS Comfort Carrying Strap


    Specially developed for the EL Range, the comfort carrying strap fits all EL and SLC binoculars. The wide carrying strap features a durable outer material and the proven adjustment mechanism of the lift carrying strap. It also has two pockets, which could be used to hold replacement batteries for the EL Range or the SWAROVSKI OPTIK moist cleaning cloth.

  • Swarovski CCSP Comfort Carry Strap Pro


    The comfort carrying strap pro has been specially developed for the EL Range. The wide carrying strap features a durable outer material.

  • Swarovski Cleaning kit


    Containing: moist cleaning cloths, a cleaning brush and liquid plus a washable microfibre cloth as well as a practical belt pouch.

  • Swarovski FRP forehead rest NL Pure

    Swarovski FRP forehead rest NL Pure


    The Swarovski FRP forehead rest NL Pure guarantees hours of observation comfort – ideal for maximum magnification. Suitable for all NL Pure binoculars.

  • Swarovski FSSP Floating Shoulder Strap Pro


    Made from a special high-buoyancy material, the floating shoulder strap prevents binoculars from sinking should they fall into water.

  • Swarovski PA-i6 Adapter for iPhone 6


    This adapter will enable you to connect your iPhone 6 effortlessly using an adapter ring to almost all Swarovski binoculars or spotting scopes, allowing you to shoot photos and videos of whatever you are observing, at any time. The adapter’s rugged, stylish aluminium frame can remain permanently attached to your smartphone, and also provides excellent protection after digiscoping. The adapter ring is not included and has to be ordered separately.

  • Swarovski Tripod Adaptor for SLC 42 to 56 Binoculars


    Swarovski 42mm, 50mm, and 56mm Tripod Adapter allows you to attach 42mm, 50mm, and 56mm Swarovski binoculars to any tripod head with a 1/4″-20 threaded screw. The base of this Swarovski Tripod Adapter has a 3/8″-16 threaded hole with a video pin & supplied 1/4″-20 reducer bushing and allows the binocular’s full interpupillary adjustment range to be retained.

  • Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter


    A Swarovski tripod adaptor for all EL and SLC range binoculars. Simply attaches to your tripod camera attachment stud, and then folds around your Swarovski binoculars clamping them securely in place, providing a very stable platform.

  • Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter


    The VPA variable phone adapter connects your smartphone to SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars and spotting scopes so that you can take extraordinary photos and videos to keep and share.

  • Swarovski Winged Eyecup Set


    The Swarovski Winged Eyecup Set is suitable for all EL and SLC series binoculars and prevents distracting ambient light from entering from the side of the eyepiece. They fit easily over the ocular lenses and move as the height of the twist in eyecup is adjusted, providing the optimum position for the eyes. The protective lens cap is also made of soft, durable material.

Showing all 12 results