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  • 3 Legged Thing X1.1 Brian Evolution 2 Carbon Fibre-Blue

    The X1.1 Brian Evolution 2 with a Blue AirHed 1 Ball Head is
    Quick Overview

    Inc AirHed 1 – Head


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite EzyBounce flashgun bounce card

    LL LS2810
    SKU LL LS2810 comes with fabric bag Yes We
    Quick Overview

    The new EzyBounce bounce card by Lastolite By Manfrotto is the ideal lighting accessory to take anywhere. Designed especially for people who like to take pictures at events such as weddings or parties. The EzyBounce bounce card helps to create a softer light to illuminate the subject and thanks to its small size it can be carried in a shirt pocket. It fits all standard flashguns and features a fixing system with a silicon strap to securely attach the card to the flashgun. The expandable surfaces allow various configurations and uses of the bounce card: when in use it can create soft light towards the subject and can also redirect the light of your flashgun (for example on to a wall). When fully opened the EzyBounce offers a wide white surface area.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

    LL LS2430
    SKU LL LS2430 Open Size Small comes with f
    Quick Overview

    The new Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 is an improvement of the original Ezybox Speed-Lite that will enrich the family of flashgun softboxes with a complete new design and new product features. The Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 is a 22cm X 22cm compact softbox which can be attached directly onto a flashgun whether it’s on camera or off camera. Used together, the inner and outer diffuers produce a 2 stop light loss, delivering unrivalled softness of light on the subject. The new fixing mechanism utilises a silicon strap in conjunction with a tensioning dial enabling the photographer to customise the fitting according to their specificflashgun, ensuring a secure fit.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Strobo Gobo

    LL LS2625
    SKU LL LS2625 Weight 837 g Will Fit Strob
    Quick Overview

    The Strobo Gobo system allows you to create stunning lighting and background effects using your battery operated flash guns without the need to keep moving locations. The Gobo works with your chosen Strobo Bracket (LS2414 + LS2611 or LS2601). Simply attach The Gobo to your existing bracket and slide in your chosen Gobo mask. The kit comes with two Gobo masks as standard; an arched window and a dappled foliage effect. A range of alternative Gobo masks are available separately. The Gobo holder also takes traditional size B Gobos (86mm). There is even an option to create a slightly ‘out of focus’ effect.

    Please note: Gels are required to create the coloured effects that can be seen in the images here. Gel holders and sets are available seperately.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Strobo Kit – Direct To Flashgun

    LL LS2616
    SKU LL LS2616 Weight 399 g Will Fit Unive
    Quick Overview

    The Strobo Kit – Direct to Flashgun is perfect for connecting the Strobo System directly to your flash gun. The kit provides everything you need, starting with the direct to flashgun bracket which has a universal fitting to attach to your flashgun. Once fitted this then allows you to affix Strobo accessories such as the Honeycomb Grids and Gel Holders which come in this kit.

    This kit includes:
    •1x Direct to flash gun bracket
    •2x Honeycomb Grids 3/8′ (9mm) and 1/4′ (6mm)
    •2x Gel Holders
    •1x Gel Set

    Gel Set Contents:
    •1x Set of 3 Warming Gels – Full,1/2and1/4CTO
    •1x Set of 3 Cooling Gels Full,1/2and1/4CTB
    •1x Set of 4 Coloured Gels – Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
    •1x Neutral Density 0.6 – 2 Stop Gel
    •1x Frosted 1 Stop Diffuser Gel

    The Strobo is a compact and simple to use creative light modifying system for battery operated flash guns. The Strobo is available in various kit configurations using two different flash gun attachment methods, one which fits directly onto a flashgun (LL LS2616, LL LS2605 & LL LS2606) and the other which utilises the highly successful Ezybox Hotshoe Plate (LL LS2617, LL LS2614 & LL LS2615). Each version incorporates clever magnetic connection points which allow a range of accessories to simply snap into place in front of the flashgun, ready to modify the raw light as it leaves the gun. The range of modifiers include honeycombs, gels, gobos, a snoot and barn doors. The modifiers can be used individually or in combination with each other.

    All kit contents are available separately


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Umbrella All In One 72cm Silver/White

    SKU LL LU3237F Diameter 72 cm Surface S
    Quick Overview

    The All-in-One umbrella can be a silver bounce, white bounce, silver / white bounce or shoot through. 5600/5450°K


  • Manfrotto 055 aluminium 3-section tripod

    SKU MT055XPRO3 Material Aluminium Collecti
    Quick Overview

    The 055 redefines the 3-section aluminium tripod. Thanks to its size and shape, and to the materials used, the new 055 delivers an unprecedented level of stiffness.

    Key Features:
    The key feature of the 055XPRO3 is its 90° centre column mechanism, which allows the column to be extended vertically as normal, or horizontally to open up a wide range of framing and shooting possibilities; this makes the 055XPRO3 an extremely versatile tripod, suitable for a wide range of photography and video applications. The horizontal column mechanism is housed within the tripod’s top casting for compactness, but it is easily and quickly extended whenever you need it. Switching between vertical and horizontal column orientation requires no disassembly, and can even be done with a camera attached.

    The legs of the 055XPRO3 tripod are also fast to extend and adjust, thanks to the Quick Power Lock levers that block and unblock each leg section. The special design of the QPL levers allows a more single-handed opening of all leg sections in one action. QPL’s lever design also offers more powerful locking of each section, meaning the tripod is more stable and rigid than with traditional lever designs. Intuitive and ergonomic leg angle selectors allow each leg to be independently and solidly set to any of the preset angles, again allowing considerable positioning freedom.

    A bubble level is built in to the top of the centre column for precise framing. The bubble level rotates freely around the centre column, so it can be positioned wherever it’s easiest for you to see it while adjusting the tripod, and without it either being obscured by the mounted head and camera, or getting in the way of head or camera controls.

    The top casting of the 055XPRO3 has an Easy Link connector for supporting a photo or video accessory (such as an LED light, flash, reflector, or other piece of equipment) on an extending arm or bracket, and making the tripod into a practical mobile studio.


  • Manfrotto 055 carbon fibre 3-section photo tripod

    Weight 2000 g Collection/Series 055 Materi
    Quick Overview

    Shoot more accurately than ever before. The new 055 carbon fibre-3 section photo tripod offers outstanding rigidity and is incredibly lightweight. This engineering masterpiece from Italy has been manufactured to very high standards, and features a 90° column that can be extended vertically or horizontally so you can shoot with greater versatility.

    With 100% carbon fibre tubes and an innovative Quick Power Lock (QPL) leg-locking mechanism, you can be assured incredible stability and rigidity under any conditions. This tripod not only absorbs vibrations, it’s also much lighter to carry around than the aluminium version. That mean it is a very good choice for travel photographers.

    Don’t worry about disassembling your camera, because you can extend the column without your equipment attached. Open it single-handedly in only one movement, and position each leg to a pre-set angle so you can frame and shoot more precisely. The 055 carbon fibre-3 section has an innovative bubble level that rotates freely around the centre column, enabling you to position your camera so that nothing obscures it. Connect an LED light, flash, reflector or another video accessory via the Easy Link connector, which can be fitted to an extending arm or bracket. Make your tripod a versatile, practical mobile studio.


  • Manfrotto 055 carbon fibre 3-section tripod

    The 055 redefines the 3-section aluminium tripod. Thanks to
    Quick Overview



  • Manfrotto 055 carbon fibre 4-section photo tripod

    Weight 2100 g Collection/Series 055 Mate
    Quick Overview

    A lightweight product that doesn’t compromise on stability. The 055XPRO4 tripod has a flexible 90° centre column mechanism and has been manufactured with durable carbon fibre by Manfrotto in Italy.
    The legs of the 055XPRO4 tripod are remarkable strong, and simple to adjust and extend with the Quick Power Lock. This robust locking mechanism blocks or unblocks each leg section so they can be opened in a single movement, and features ergonomic leg angle selectors for maximum strength.

    This photo tripod offers unparalleled stability thanks to its strong carbon-fibre 90° centre column mechanism, housed in the top casting for compact storage. This can be quickly extended in the horizontal or vertical orientation, giving you much more freedom to shoot from new perspectives and showcase your individual style. That means you won’t have to remove your equipment when switching position. Save those precious seconds when time is of the essence.

    The 055XPRO4 bubble level rotates freely around the centre column, and that means you won’t have to deal with any obstructions when you’re composing a scene. Also included is an Easy Link for connecting an photo or video accessory such as a reflector or LED light, all via an extending arm or bracket. This will enable you to turn your tripod into a practical mobile studio.


  • Manfrotto 056

    A self-adjusting conical bearing locking system allows 360°
    Quick Overview

    A self-adjusting conical bearing locking system allows 360° rotation on both the vertical and horizontal plane. This is the ideal head for 35mm and light to medium format work. Camera attachment: 1/4″ Optional Plates: 625, 323, 394, 357, 577.


  • Manfrotto 1004BAC Master Stand

    SKU 1004BAC Max Payload 9 kg Top Attachmen
    Quick Overview

    Aluminium stand, air cushioned. 4 sections, 3 risers.