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Manfrotto Accessories


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite EzyBounce flashgun bounce card

    LL LS2810
    SKU LL LS2810 comes with fabric bag Yes We
    Quick Overview

    The new EzyBounce bounce card by Lastolite By Manfrotto is the ideal lighting accessory to take anywhere. Designed especially for people who like to take pictures at events such as weddings or parties. The EzyBounce bounce card helps to create a softer light to illuminate the subject and thanks to its small size it can be carried in a shirt pocket. It fits all standard flashguns and features a fixing system with a silicon strap to securely attach the card to the flashgun. The expandable surfaces allow various configurations and uses of the bounce card: when in use it can create soft light towards the subject and can also redirect the light of your flashgun (for example on to a wall). When fully opened the EzyBounce offers a wide white surface area.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

    LL LS2430
    SKU LL LS2430 Open Size Small comes with f
    Quick Overview

    The new Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 is an improvement of the original Ezybox Speed-Lite that will enrich the family of flashgun softboxes with a complete new design and new product features. The Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 is a 22cm X 22cm compact softbox which can be attached directly onto a flashgun whether it’s on camera or off camera. Used together, the inner and outer diffuers produce a 2 stop light loss, delivering unrivalled softness of light on the subject. The new fixing mechanism utilises a silicon strap in conjunction with a tensioning dial enabling the photographer to customise the fitting according to their specificflashgun, ensuring a secure fit.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Strobo Gobo

    LL LS2625
    SKU LL LS2625 Weight 837 g Will Fit Strob
    Quick Overview

    The Strobo Gobo system allows you to create stunning lighting and background effects using your battery operated flash guns without the need to keep moving locations. The Gobo works with your chosen Strobo Bracket (LS2414 + LS2611 or LS2601). Simply attach The Gobo to your existing bracket and slide in your chosen Gobo mask. The kit comes with two Gobo masks as standard; an arched window and a dappled foliage effect. A range of alternative Gobo masks are available separately. The Gobo holder also takes traditional size B Gobos (86mm). There is even an option to create a slightly ‘out of focus’ effect.

    Please note: Gels are required to create the coloured effects that can be seen in the images here. Gel holders and sets are available seperately.


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Strobo Kit – Direct To Flashgun

    LL LS2616
    SKU LL LS2616 Weight 399 g Will Fit Unive
    Quick Overview

    The Strobo Kit – Direct to Flashgun is perfect for connecting the Strobo System directly to your flash gun. The kit provides everything you need, starting with the direct to flashgun bracket which has a universal fitting to attach to your flashgun. Once fitted this then allows you to affix Strobo accessories such as the Honeycomb Grids and Gel Holders which come in this kit.

    This kit includes:
    •1x Direct to flash gun bracket
    •2x Honeycomb Grids 3/8′ (9mm) and 1/4′ (6mm)
    •2x Gel Holders
    •1x Gel Set

    Gel Set Contents:
    •1x Set of 3 Warming Gels – Full,1/2and1/4CTO
    •1x Set of 3 Cooling Gels Full,1/2and1/4CTB
    •1x Set of 4 Coloured Gels – Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
    •1x Neutral Density 0.6 – 2 Stop Gel
    •1x Frosted 1 Stop Diffuser Gel

    The Strobo is a compact and simple to use creative light modifying system for battery operated flash guns. The Strobo is available in various kit configurations using two different flash gun attachment methods, one which fits directly onto a flashgun (LL LS2616, LL LS2605 & LL LS2606) and the other which utilises the highly successful Ezybox Hotshoe Plate (LL LS2617, LL LS2614 & LL LS2615). Each version incorporates clever magnetic connection points which allow a range of accessories to simply snap into place in front of the flashgun, ready to modify the raw light as it leaves the gun. The range of modifiers include honeycombs, gels, gobos, a snoot and barn doors. The modifiers can be used individually or in combination with each other.

    All kit contents are available separately


  • Manfrotto / Lasolite Umbrella All In One 72cm Silver/White

    SKU LL LU3237F Diameter 72 cm Surface S
    Quick Overview

    The All-in-One umbrella can be a silver bounce, white bounce, silver / white bounce or shoot through. 5600/5450°K


  • Manfrotto 1004BAC Master Stand

    SKU 1004BAC Max Payload 9 kg Top Attachmen
    Quick Overview

    Aluminium stand, air cushioned. 4 sections, 3 risers.


  • Manfrotto 1052BAC Compact Stand

    SKU 1052BAC Max Payload 5 kg Top Attachmen
    Quick Overview

    Aluminium stand, air cushioned. 3 sections, 2 risers.



    SKU 200PL Material Aluminium Colour Gray
    Quick Overview

    Ideal to quickly attach the camera on all the compatible Manfrotto products equipped with RC2/Q2 attachment . The compact dimensions and the lightweight aluminum construction allow to stay always attached under the camera without adding weight and dimension. The grip rubber maintains the camera safely attached providing maximum precision when moving and setting the camera. The 200pl plate is easily attached under the camera by rotating a special flip with the fingers, without requiring additional tools. The large dimension of the finger clip provide maximum strength and safety. The 200pl is a versatile interface attachable to any camera thanks to the provided 3/8” adapter which allows to change the screw thread depending on the specific camera model. The additional provided VHS anti rotation pin can be used with camcorders to maintain maximum stability when shooting.


  • Manfrotto 244 MICRO Arm

    SKU 244MICRO Attachment 1/4" screw Top Att
    Quick Overview

    Versatile 15cm (5.9”) friction arm with interchangeable 1 /4” attachments and additional 3/8’’ adapter included. Attachments can easily be replaced by using the included hex key included and are compatible with a range of different adapters.


  • Manfrotto 244 Variable Friction Arm

    SKU 244N Attachment 3/8" thread female, 5/8" (1
    Quick Overview

    Articulated arm. Features as 143N, but a large locking knob takes the place of cam-lever. Variable friction and locking of arm obtained by adjusting knob.


  • Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack II

    MB MA-BP-A2
    SKU MB MA-BP-A2 Type of Gear Medium level DSLR
    Quick Overview

    The Active Backpack II is a structurally sound, high-capacity yet compact rucksack that can also be used as a standard daypack. With its capacity to hold a DSLR system with 3-4 standard lenses, 17” laptop as well as personal items and accessories, this rucksack will get you through a gig or a family walk in the park.
    The bag has four zippered compartments with the top part designed for personal items and the bottom for photo gear. Plenty of accessories will fit inside including a flash, large laptop, documents and iPad. A removable bottom insert allows you to transform the rucksack into a handy daypack.
    This is a very useful, everyday bag that is strong yet flexible enough to meet the needs of anyone who wants to carry a wide variety of photo gear and personal items.


  • Manfrotto Advanced Camera Holster L for DSLR

    MB MA-H-L
    Weight 500 g Collection/Series Advanced Ty
    Quick Overview

    The bare essentials: camera, memory cards and few accessories. Top opening gives fast, easy access to the camera. Advanced Holster S is designed to carry and protect a DSLR camera body with 70-200mm lens attached and a few accessories. There are 2 side pockets for small accessories and an interior Modular Media Pouch for memory cards or batteries. The bag is carried by a handle, a detachable shoulder strap or belt connection loops.