70mm f2.4 DA Limited

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  • Pentax 70mm f2.4 DA Limited

    Pentax 70mm f2.4 DA Limited


    The Pentax 70mm f2.4 DA Limited Lens Black offers an equivalent range of 107mm in 35mm film format and is designed for digital SLRs with the Pentax K-mount. With its medium-telephoto perspective, this lens is ideal for many different applications, including portraiture and travel. The Pentax 70mm f2.4 DA Limited lens offers an impressive focal length, a large f2.4 maximum aperture and outstanding sharpness into a compact, hand-machined aluminium body. The Pentax Limited series lenses are renowned for their hand-machined, well-built aluminium body, exceptional image quality, High Definition (HD) coating and a round-shaped diaphragm for a beautiful bokeh (out-of-focus) effect.

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