Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM


The Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM is ideal for professional photographers capturing Architecture, Landscape, Interiors and Astrophotography and videographers shooting documentary, vlogging and many more applications.

Thanks to the unique design of the RF mount, the lens weighs just 570g, 620g lighter than the EF 11-24mm F4L USM, despite offering a wider angle of view, more features and better performance.

The lens delivers unparalleled image quality in a wide-angle lens, achieving incredible sharpness and clarity with virtually no distortion. Its advanced rectilinear optical design means crisp images where straight lines remain straight, even at the edges of the frame, all thanks to an advanced optical formula.

The Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM incorporates the latest Peripheral Control Image Stabilisation (IS) technology ensuring sharp, shake-free images even in challenging shooting conditions, and offers five stops of optical stabilisation or six stops in combination with IBIS-equipped EOS R cameras.

A constant f/4 maximum aperture provides consistent exposures at every zoom setting, and state-of-the-art optical coatings minimise ghosting and flare which can be common with ultra-wide shots.

The Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM is the first L series lens to feature an STM motor thanks to the compact lightweight focus group. The optimised linear focusing system delivers fast autofocus in photos and smooth AF in video. All in near-silence.


Key Features: Canon RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM

  • 10-20mm ultrawide focal length:  for more dramatic perspectives.
  • Peripheral Control Image Stabilizer: Up to 5 stops of stabilisation for photos (6 stops with an IBIS-equipped EOS) and rock-steady video – even in the corners of the frame.
  • Advanced rectilinear optical design: Keeps straight lines straight, even at the edges of the frame – a win for architecture.
  • Constant f/4 maximum aperture: For consistent exposures at every zoom setting
  • Glass moulded aspherical lens elements: And UD and Super UD glass, with state-of-the-art optical coatings, for razor-sharp results.
  • Robust L-series construction: Resistant to dust.
  • Weighs just 570g: So you can take it to more places more often.
  • STM autofocus: Optimised linear focusing system for fast and smooth autofocus.
  • Custom button and control ring: Work the way you want – quickly and instinctively.
  • Full-time manual focusing: Allows instant adjustments to focus without switching modes or take your camera from your eye.
  • Rear filter holder: make it easy to use Gelatin filters.


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