Hama Cable Remote Release – Various Fittings


Cable remote shutter releases help prevent camera shake as neither the camera nor the tripod is touched during remote shutter release. They are the perfect solution if you want to take a photo of your dog or cat whilst observing from a distance.

  • Bulb function for shake-free long-term exposures
  • Two-stage shutter release button adjusts distance with autofocus and triggers then
  • Due to exchangeable camera connections, the remote shutter release can be used for all common camera models
  • Screwable connection for a secure hold between the cable and remote shutter release
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The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multi-component system from Hama. You could also say: one system for all requirements. A variety of camera models can be connected to our DCCSystem Base via a connection cable. You’re now ready to shoot photos with remote shutter release.

Size & Weight

Cable Length 14 cm
Length (Base) 10 cm
Total Length (Cable and Base) 24 cm

Additional information


Canon RS-60E3, Canon RS-80N3, Nikon MC-DC2, Sony RS-1000/ RM-S1AM, Olympus RM-UC 1, Nikon MC 30, Panasonic DMW-RS1, Sony RM-VPR1, Pentax CS-310


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