Hama Timer Remote Release – Various Fittings


  • Bulb function for shake-free long-term exposures with time display, e.g. one image every 30 seconds or start in 30 seconds
  • Two-stage shutter release button adjusts distance with autofocus and triggers then
  • Enables continuous shooting with customizable intervals
  • Time lapse function enables fast motion shots with interval, e.g. every 60 seconds or finite/infinite interval repeats
  • Due to exchangeable camera connections, the remote shutter release can be used for all common camera models
  • Screwable connection for a secure hold between the cable and remote shutter release
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The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multi-component system from Hama. You could also say: one system for all requirements. A variety of camera models can be connected to our DCCSystem Base via a connection cable. You’re now ready to shoot photos with remote shutter release.

Size & Weight

Cable Length 14 cm
Length (Base) 15 cm
Total Length (Cable and Base) 29 cm

Additional information


Canon RS-60E3, Canon RS-80N3, Nikon MC-DC2, Sony RS-1000/ RM-S1AM, Olympus RM-UC 1, Nikon MC 30, Panasonic DMW-RS1, Sony RM-VPR1, Pentax CS-310


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