Kenro Compact RGB Tube Light




Kenro Bi-Colour Compact LED Light

This high performance, versatile LED light tube comes packed with features to enhance any project. Designed for photographers and film makers on the go, it boasts high quality, accurate light with precise control, multiple mounting options, an integrated battery, and nine pre-programmed special effects.

The 2500mAh battery has a 10W output, lasts around 2.5 hours on a full charge, and is charged via a standard USB-C charging port. A battery life indicator on the LED display panel on the back of the unit provides essential information to make sure you never run out of power unexpectedly. Get professional lighting in the palm of your hand with this ultra-portable 39mm diameter, 269mm long tube that weighs just 320g. It’s supplied as a complete kit with wrist strap, waterproof bag and a 2-in-1 mini tripod and hand grip, and features other built-in mounting options including 1/4” screw ports and powerful magnets at each end of the light.