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Nikon Coolpix W150 – Blue, Orange, Flowers or Resort

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Quick Overview

Waterproof, shock-proof, freeze-proof and dust-proof, this compact adventure camera is built to go anywhere and offers a truly hassle-free experience. From snowy landscapes to underwater scenes, the Nikon COOLPIX W150 is so easy to use that anyone can capture superb photos and videos with it. Underwater Face Framing mode ensures great shots in the pool or on a dive of up to 10m.

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Product Description

Waterproof 10m | Shockproof 1.8m | Freezeproof -10°C |Dustproof
True point-and-shoot ease from the COOLPIX that can handle a drop or two, excels in the cold, and just loves a pool party.

Underwater Face Framing Mode
The camera snaps up to four photos each time it sees a face.

Always beautiful results
Low-light CMOS sensor, precision NIKKOR 3x optical zoom lens, and 6x Dynamic Fine Zoom for extra reach

Brilliant movies
The camera records Full HD (1080p/30 fps) video footage with stereo sound.

Point-and-shoot ease
Settings are automatically optimised. The large, anti-reflective LCD screen offers clear visibility, even underwater.

Fun Variety menu
Users can shoot with a simple menu interface or turn on the Variety menu, which is packed with interactive features.

Additional Information


Blue, Flowers, Orange, Resort