Nikon TC-20E AF-S Teleconverter III


The Nikon TC-20E AF-S Teleconverter III is a high-performance teleconverter that doubles the effective focal length of certain Nikkor lenses without increasing the closest focusing distance. For example, using this teleconverter with a 200mm lens will effectively increase the focal length to 400mm but will cut out the amount of light by 2 f-stops. It is the world’s first teleconverter to incorporate an aspherical lens element and as a result produces images with outstanding resolution and contrast. The Nikon TC-20E AF-S Teleconverter III is both compact and lightweight, making it a cost-effective and practical solution for those times when it is not possible or desirable to carry an extra telephoto lens with you.


Nikon TC-20E AF-S Teleconverter III

  • Advanced optical design offers outstanding image quality to meet the demands of Nikon FX-format camera users
  • Increases the focal length of a lens by 100%
  • Aspherical lens element: minimizes distortion for superior contrast and resolution
  • Compact and lightweight body

Teleconverter Compatibility Chart

Lens to teleconverter combinations in green will retain autofocus (AF) operation. Red indicates the lens can only be used for manual focus (MF). Only the listed lenses are compatible with the relevant converters. For Nikon’s list of lenses, including Nikon’s DSLRs that feature f/8 support click here.

Nikon AF Lenses    Converters
TC-14E / II TC-17E / II TC-20E / II
AF-S VR 70-200 f2.8 IF-ED
AF-S VR 200-400 f4 IF-ED MF MF
AF-S VR 200 f2G IF-ED
AF-S VR 300 f2.8G IF-ED II
AF-S 300 f4 IF-ED MF MF
AF-S 400 f2.8D IF-ED VR
AF-S 500 f4 IF-ED II MF MF
AF-S VR 600 f4 IF-ED MF MF



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