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The Nissin Di600 Flashgun for Canon DSLRs is aimed at the amateur or semi-professional photographers who require an easy to operate, feature-filled flashgun with simple controls and plenty of power. Suitable for a variety of photography applications at night or during the day, the Nissin Di600 can be used as a fill-in flash to eliminate shadows, to sharpen your subject in low light, to emphasise contrast or to offer a pleasing catch light in the subject’s eyes. The clear LED display on the back ensures settings can be found and adjusted quickly. The Auto Zoom facility spans the 24-105mm range, with a guide number of 44m at 105mm when shooting at ISO 100. The unit also features a 16mm built in wide angle diffuser, together with a fill-in reflector.

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Additional Features

  • Guide Number at ISO100 in M: GN44 (at 105 zoom head position) , GN25 (at 24mm zoom head position)
  • Re-Cycling Time: Alkaline battery 0.1-4.7 secs. NiMH battery 0.1-4 secs
  • Number of Flashes (Approx): 200 -1500
  • Flash Duration: 1/800th (Full power) 1/800th sec – 1/30,000th sec TTL mode
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K
  • Energy Setting: Auto power off 60 minutes. Standby mode 2 minutes.
  • Wireless Remote: Slave – Digital Slave / Fdm/Auto Slave. Wireless TTL – Channel 1 Groups A
  • EV Compensation on Flash: -1.5 to +1 in increments of ½ EV Steps
  • My TTL Setting: – 0.75 to +0.75 in ¼ EV Steps
  • Bounce Positio: Up 90°, , Left 90°, Right 180°
  • Rear Curtain Synch: Yes
  • AF – assist Beam effective range: 0.7- 6M / 2.3-19.7 feet
  • Operation Panel: LED.
  • Firmware Update Terminal : Exclusive Terminal
  • PC Synch Terminal: Yes, standard + 3.5mm PC synch. Terminal sockets for external flash synchronisation.
  • Accessories included: Flash Stand ( With screw).

Key Features

Bounce Flash
The flash beam covers the frame from 14mm (with a wide angle diffuser built-in) to 70mm of the digital lens.

TTL Flash
Di600 is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL, E-TTLII system, Nikon’s i-TTL and Sony ADI/ P-TTL system. Those new digital TTL flash systems control the flash light with greater precision and stability.

Wireless Remote Flash
Di600 has a wireless remote flash system as a slave unit. You can enjoy creative flash photography with multiple lightings from the various directions. There are 3 slave modes provided.

Slave Digital (SD): Di600 synchronizes to the pre-flash system. The master flash is to be set at TTL (E-TTL for Canon, i-TTL for Nikon and ADI/ P-TTL for Sony) mode.

Slave Film (SF): Di600 synchronizes to the traditional single flash system. The master flash is to be set at manual mode. Studio lighting system synchronizes to this mode. This mode is also available for open flash, and for a standard flash in the market.

Wireless TTL: Di600 synchronizes to the wireless remote flash system. The master flash is to be set at Channel 1 group A in wireless remote mode.

TTL Flash Level Compensation
The power of the flash can be controlled with TTL flash level compensation. Whereas total exposure is controlled by the camera’s EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for the exposure on the main subject only, with little impact on the exposure of the background scene. The flash power level can be adjusted from -1.5EV through +1.5EV by 0.5EV steps.

Nissin Original “MY TTL” Setting
The TTL flash power level is pre-set for exposure at factory. You can, however, reset at the desired exposure level, in +/- 0.75 Ev. by 0.25 Ev increments. The pre-set value is memorized as your personal standard after switching the unit. The usual TTL flash level compensation works based on this customized level.

Synchro Contact
Di600 can be used without hotshoe cameras. Some cameras provide a flash synchronization contact at sync socket instead of hotshoe. For this type of cameras, Di600 has standard & 3.5mm PC sync socket for flash synchronization.

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