Samyang 18mm F2.8 AF – Sony FE Fit


The Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 has been specifically designed for use on the Sony FE system. It comes as an addition to Samyang’s growing range of lenses that offers fast and reliable autofocus thanks to the internal linear STM motor. The lens has been constructed from 9 lens elements in 8 groups and ensured sharpness and quality across the entire frame. This is a perfect partner for a landscape or architecture photographer, but it is in no way confined to those styles! This lens can be versatile and cater to many different types of photography.


SAMYANG AF 18mm F2.8 SONY FE Key Features:

  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Super-Wide 18mm focal range
  • Large and bright maximum F2.8 aperture
  • Linear STM motor
  • Quick and quiet autofocus
  • Constructed from 9 lens elements in 8 groups
  • Sony FE mount

Small but powerful

This lens is tiny. For a super-wide angle lens, it is really tiny. This lens weighs in at just 145g and fits in the palm of your hand yet, has a full-frame 100° angle of view which makes it perfect for architecture and landscape photography. Because of the size of this lens it matches up seamlessly with the Sony FE system.

Stunning Image Quality

The lens has been built from 9 lens elements in 8 groups. These are comprised of Samyang’s high-quality and speciality glass elements that include 3 Aspherical, 2 High Refractive and 3 Extra Low Dispersion elements. These combined results in edge-to-edge sharpness and quality in the images that you take.

Quick and Reliable Autofocus

Autofocus is a relatively recent addition to Samyang lenses as they used to be exclusively manual focus lenses. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell when using this lens. The autofocus is driver by a linear STM motor that delivered impressively fast, reliable and accurate autofocus.

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