Sony LA-EA4 Mount Adapter


The Sony LA-EA4 Mount Adapter allows the use of Sony A-mount lenses to work with your compact system E-mount camera and includes a built-in 15 point TTL phase detection AF system and three cross sensors, so you’ll always capture sharp, detailed movies and stills. The LA-EA4 is the world’s first full-frame mount adapter to be equipped with Translucent Mirror Technology and features an AF motor and aperture-drive mechanism to ensure continuous TTL phase detection autofocus.


The Key Features

  • Expand your lens collection – use a wide range of A-mount lenses on a full-frame E-mount camera body
  • Continuous Phase Detection – there’s Continuous Phase Detection and autofocus, so you can shoot sharp, detailed movies and action-packed stills
  • Super-fast AF – with a built-in 15 point TTL phase detection AF system and three cross sensors, you’ll always capture crisp, focused shots *1,*2
  • Adaptor aperture drive – the adapter’s aperture drive mechanism enables Auto Exposure (AE) with compatible A-mount lenses*3
  • Phase Detection AF during video shooting – keep fast moving subjects in sharp focus, thanks to Phase Detection AF constantly tracking through the scene
  • See more of the picture – with 35mm full-frame compatibility, you’ll be able to capture the whole picture

*1. AF not available with STF lenses and teleconverters.
*2. Teleconverter lenses and Minolta Xi lenses are not compatible.
*3. Aperture setting for video capture is fixed at the maximum aperture of the lens or F3.5, whichever is lower (AF-C).




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