Swarovski 25-50X W Eyepiece for ATS, STS, CTS Scopes


All eyepiece lenses are 100 % watertight. The fully adjustable eyecup with its large diameter opens up the full field of vision even for eyeglass wearers, providing a very comfortable viewing feel. All eyepieces are fitted with an integrated, quick-release lens cover. The new S-lenses also come with the unique SWAROTOP coating for bright and contrast-rich images, whatever the light conditions.


Swarovski 25-50X W Eyepiece for ATS, STS, CTS Scopes

With the new Swarovski Optik 25-50x W eyepiece, you can enjoy the viewing comfort of a wide-angle eyepiece across the entire magnification range. With a weight of only 10.4oz and a unique optical system with a spherical lens for an edge-to-edge viewing experience in sharp detail, this new eyepiece is a tribute to SWAROVSKI OPTIK’S innovative technology.

Swarovski 25-50x eyepiece

Outstandingly suitable for digiscoping. This eyepiece is compatible with all existing Swarovski Optik photo adapters.The magnification range covers the most common settings in birdwatching from scanning the terrain to accurate bird identification. With the wide-angle zoom it is possible to take photos of flocks of birds equally as well as detailed photos of individual species.
 Swarovski 25-50X S Eyepiece for ATS, STS, CTS Scopes


Magnification  25-50x

Field of view  42m – 27m at 1000m

Field of view  126yards – 81 yards at 1000yards

Field of view in degrees 60-70

Weight 295oz/10.4g

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